Descriptive essay Try Something New For Once..

Since I was young I never really liked trying anything new. I always thought that if I tried something new I wouldn’t like it. Whether it was trying a new food, going to a new place, or even meeting new people.  So what is it that made me go to Kirkwood Camp? I guess I have pretty persuasive friends. They had constantly been on my back and telling me how I should go to Camp Kirkwood with them. Well first let me tell you about Kirkwood. Well, at least this is how I viewed it before I actually got the courage to go. Kirkwood is a big camp out in the Poconos. Yeah I know what your thinking, the Poconos is pretty. Well this camp was located in the woods. When I think of the woods I cant help but think about bugs, trees, mud, spider webs and of course more bugs. Maybe even some type of animal. I had no intentions on going anywhere that I felt those things would be. Eventually I decided to just try something new, It had been a rainy day I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to turn around, get in the car and just go home. Overnight camp just wasn’t for me. I despised the thought of sleeping on cold barren ground, and what would I do with my hair. My mom said to me “Stop being such a prissy girly girl” And try something new for once. When the bus arrived every one threw their bags onto the back of the bus and rushed to find a seat. I straggled behind and turned to my mom she gave me a disappointed look so I smiled a fake type of smile and got onto the bus to sit next to my best friend. The bus pulled off The other campers sung songs and I sat their acting stubborn until I heard them start out one of my favorite group songs “Father Abraham” I joined along with them we all got so into the song disregarding the bus driver constantly telling us to sit down. I didn’t even notice the long ride and before I knew it we were pulling into the camp.  It didn’t look as bad as I thought. I had visioned a bunch of trees, no free space to play around, weird smells, and I didn’t think the type of people I usually hang with would be there. I stepped off the bus and I could feel the grass in between my toes. I could smell the fresh air. I never smelt air like this before I immediately began to get comfortable with the environment. The first thing we did was go to lunch I love food so I was happy to hear that. I walked into the crowded lunchroom and I saw so many kids of every race I love being in diverse environments. Before we ate we sung a prayer and ha cool hand motions to go along with the song. We all sat down together and began to sink our teeth into scrumptious sausage pizza. That’s when the weird thing happened I reached for the pitcher of juice and everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me as if I was something they never seen before. I said What They told me that I couldn’t have juice yet and that I had to drink water first. Ok I thought waters not a problem. I poured my water and started to drink until I noticed the unusual egg smell. I jerked my head back looking at it saying, what is this? I held my nose and downed the drink so I wouldn’t have to think about it. After lunch we headed to our cabins. I have to admit they were really cool each cabin had 8 beds and all of my friends and I shared a cabin it was the best. After getting settled into our cabin we went into our first activity. The cool thing was that my first activity was archery. I had never done it before so I was very excited they handed me the bow and my mind went blank. I had no idea what I was doing and then one of the councelors helped me out. The bow was very tight and it took all my strength I strained as I pulled it back then I was ready to let go. I shot the perfect bow and I had never been so amazed like this ever before. Everyone else went then It was time for praise n worship This was when I started to like the camp even more we sung a bunch of songs to the to of our lungs until they began to hurt for so long. I didn’t even notice my feet swelling up form all the walking and standing up I had done that day. The day still wasen’t over we did so much stuff I can’t even remember. We played lots of games and not one person there acted like they didn’t want to participate everyone played together and had an awesome time. After dinner it was time to call it a night we all rushed to our cabins and took showers washing all of the fun from the day off. Ten O-clock had been our bedtime but we never feel asleep we played tag with our flash lights disregarding how many times our councilor said we had to go to sleep because we wake up early. The next morning we all woke with bags under our eyes. We shook them right off after breakfast when we got right back into all our activities. Only today was swim test day. The place we swam was a nasty looking greenish colored pond. When standing in it you could feel seaweed and baby tadpoles graze your skin and it sent chills down your back because of the slimy unpleasant feeling. Pond time happened to be very fun as well everyone in the camp got to hang together and do what ever we wanted to do. The juniors, Jr. High, And senior high groups all got along very well. Our options for pond time was to swim, play volleyball, play in the sand, go fishing, try out canoeing, do arts and crafts or just chill out. It didn’t take me long to realize how much fun I had been having and it was only the second day of camp. Just imagine how awesome the next five days would be. Our group leaders had so many things planned for us to do and not a moment while I was there had I been bored. It started to become one of the best experiences of my life. As the days went by I couldn’t help but wish that time would just stop I didn’t want to go home not one bit. On my last night there we hiked up to real high ground and decided to sleep there for the night it was cold and my lip quivered but sleeping under the stars was so beautiful. When I woke up to my surprise not one bug was near me not even one of those pesky mosquitoes. I guess that is because I showered myself in bug repellant. The hike down was very steep and I was almost sure that I would fall. When we got back to our cabins they said we should pack up before the big dance and talent show we had in store for us. So that’s what we did. Us girls had suitcases stuffed with clothes so closing them was a problem. We had to jump up and down on them and sit on them putting all of our weight onto it. After Breakfast the next day It was time to leave we waited on the camp porch for our buses to arrive. When I got on the bus and it began to pull away we passed a sign saying Goodbye thank you for coming to Kirkwood a tear slid down my warm cheek. Then I finished reading it and it said see you next summer and that little line made me smile inside. Kirkwood changed me that summer it became a part of me that I will never forget and I regret ever having second thoughts about going.