Devin Hang Capstone

I have made a website with literature from myself and my fellow students. My goal for my capstone is that I wanted people to have a space where they can enjoy reading and/or writing, but importantly, appreciate their work. Many people do not enjoy reading or writing either because of school or other reasons, but sometimes they can produce the most beautiful work when they do, so I wanted them to be able to show their work on this website. I have collaborated with some CTE friends to help me build the website and with fellow students to get the website started. The goal was to share some works that I and others can be proud of and to provide some inspiration for those who will come across this website. I am proud that there were those who were willing to share a story that they appreciate no matter the size of it. Each writer has their own unique writing style which leaves my website with a kind of uniqueness that can’t be copied. I learned the different types of writing styles everyone has and how people tend to express themselves through their out-of-school writing, but I also learned the more challenging things like technology and organizing a website. The process of making a website and having it mirror my vision was its own obstacle. Overall, I appreciate the collaboration I have done to have this capstone completed. Without any, this website and stories would have never been shared.

Devin Hang- Annotated Bibliography (1)