Dinvil, Sierra A1 Advanced Art

For the second marking period we had the option to create whatever kind of artwork we wanted. Personally I liked this. It gave me the freedom to do some of the things I'm particularly good at without really any limitations. This is different from the last marking period because we were basically given an idea that we had to work with opposed to what were doing this quarter. Looking at some of the projects that are already posted you can see how versatile our projects are from comics to sketches. This marking period is personally my favorite.
For my artwork I chose to expand on a skill that I previously learned in my Freshman year. As a freshman I learned how to print a drawing on a linoleum block, and also carve the drawing out to resemble a stamp. I chose to sketch out an "S" because it's the first letter of my name. I wanted to make sure it was something more challenging and time consuming to sketch so I chose to draw a fancy looking "S" with a lot of detail. I then painted over the linoleum and printed on sheets of paper to make 1 collage of different colors. 
If I were to do this project differently I would definitely be more consistent and work on using my time more wisely. However I am proud of the work I am putting up, but I know that if my time was used more efficiently I probably would have had more prints to chose from. Another problem I experienced was not using the same kind of paper for each of my prints which effected the quality of my artwork when I was picking prints to choose from. A lot of them were on different textured construction papers and wouldn't give my art work the effect I wanted them to have.
Overall I am really proud of the piece I produced, and I hope that you like it too.



Outline on Linoleum: 


(It's backwards on purpose)

Marks for cuts:


Final Cut:

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 10.44.47 AM

Final Pieces: