Dinvil, Sierra BM Reflection

Here is my part of of the project  ​
Here is my overall group project 

How did you group go about making a decision for what to focus on for the project?

First my group and I brainstormed a list of things that we thought would cause ourselves along with our peers to not vote. We then narrowed our list down to our top 3 topics, and then decided to focus on the Electoral College since no other group in our class chose to do so.

1. 11th grade Essential ? - What is the role of the individual in creating and sustaining change? 

I believe that in order to create and sustain a change you need to find other people who believe some of the same things you believe in. Once you've done that you can pretty much educate other people which can help persuade them to invest in your cause and hopefully create the change you wished to create.

2. How has your understanding of the electoral process and 
whether or not the US is a democracy evolved during this unit?
Because of this unit I've learned about ways Americans don't take complete advantage of their freedoms. Their are people who would literally die to be in America and have the privilege to do something as little as vote for who is in charge yet, most Americans don not do so.

How has your understanding of the electoral process and whether or not the US is a democracy evolved during this unit?
I actually have learned a lot about these things during this unit, so I would say that my understanding has drastically increased. Before this unit I had no idea of half the things that has happened, or is happening here and in other places. It feels really good to be informed and aware of whats going on.

4. How did you decide to best relay a message to a national audience with your marketing campaign?

As a group we basically decided that it would be best to inform people of all the negative things the Electoral College was causing and how voting would be a lot more fair with out it. We explained how an electoral candidate could have more votes from the United States citizens and still lose the election because of the Electoral College.