Discuple!: being courteous in espaol.

In order to learn this, you must know: pronunciation of letters, and punctuation.


Say someone gives you a piece of candy. You’d want to be respectful and thank them right? So, you’d say “gracias”. 

But there are different situations to put it in. If someone gives you 5$, you'd say "muchas gracias".

Lastly, If you drop your wallet on the street you'd say "mil gracias" and keep going on your way

If you want to say please, you’d say “por favor

Say your standing on a bus and someones standing in front of you, you’d say ”¡con permiso!” and they’d move out of your way. 

If you are at a restaurant and your trying to get a waiters attention. You'd say "¡Discuple!" and they would turn and come to you. 

If you bump into someone on the street, you'd say "perdon"and you can keep going on your way.

There is a chart for reference below to help you further understand the subject. 

                                                    Los Buenos Modales



Muchas Gracias

Thanks a lot

Mil gracias

Thanks a million

De nada

You’re welcome

Por nada

No hay de qué


What was that?

Por favor.


Con permiso (when someone’s standing in your way).

Excuse me.

Discuple. (when trying to get someone’s attention).

Perdón. (if you accidentally bump into someone).