DJackson Southern Europe v. Bahamas

For this project I had to compare and contrast the Bahamas with Southern Europe. The Bahamas was the country I was assigned to look at the election system and Southern Europe was assigned to me for the project where we talked about the environment and economy. During the project I noticed that they had some of the same problems when it came to the environment and damages. My process for this project was just to go through all the different point systems and make sure I had enough information to summarize it, put it together and present it. I tried to present it in a way that it seemed like a comparison of each other.
The 5 point frame work was the bases for the project and it sort of helped me with putting this together. It gave me a background of what I needed to have and a check list. It was a little difficult finding all of the information for each one but once I had it everything came together. But if I could change it I think i would have a little more information and maybe a better ending to it. I tried to pull everything together at the end but I think it could have been better.