Do You Care About Your Environment? #1

You may already know that this nation is struggling trying to make the environment better for people to live. We are polluting our air and our earth by different chemicals and wastes. We are all in danger for the future because with out a clean earth we wouldn't be able to survive very long. There are many health risks underway and we need to take this in consideration. 

For this project I am studying environmental issues. I am studying how things can be 

used differently in order to help the environment be a better place for people to live. The reason why Im interested in studying this is because I believe that it is very important to actually know whats going on in the environment. Many things can affect us and we need to know what we need to do to make this place a better place. 

In my research I learned about the different effects global warming could have on us and how we will have higher risks in getting different diseases from the toxins that are going around in. I also learned that there would be a high change in the weather because of the pollution.  

In order to try to better the environmental issues we all need to make an effort by trying to save all things and try not to pollute the world with trash. It is very important that we do this because if we don’t we will suffer the consequences. We can all help overcome this but we have to be serious and want to make an effort to change.