Domestic Animal Abuse

Jiwon Choi
Domestic Animal Abuse

   My name is Jiwon Choi and I will introduce you to The You and the World Project and to my issue. The You and the World Project is a project that lets individuals focus on real world projects that they are interested in. The individuals research information about their subject to learn more about it and they would tell the information to other people. It is a project that lets researchers express their feelings and talk about their issue on blogs and help make a change for this issue by joining services, giving speeches about it, or interviewing people about the problem. It lets people to learn more about these problems/ issues and it gives a chance for individuals to give more information about it.

   My issue is international domestic animal abuse. I am focusing on international instead of national domestic animal abuse because there are animals all over the world that are being abused by their owners. Focusing on international domestic animal abuse can allow me to help put a stop to animal cruelty more than just nationally. I am interested in this issue because I love animals and I believe that no animals should be rejected and abused. By 2022, 22% of all species might become extinct if no action is taken to help solve this issue. In America, about 62 percent of all households own a pet but most of the animals become homeless and may end up in a shelter waiting to be adopted again.

   Domestic animals are various animals that have been tamed and fit for the human environment. The rate of domestic animal abuse involves 64.5% of dogs, 18% cats, and 25% of other animals. This is only the rate nationally, imagine what the rate is internationally.13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence. Most battered women have abused animals because animal abuse is a way to revenge, torture, and control the victims. Pets may suffer unexplained injuries, health problems, and permanent disabilities because of animal abuse and most of the time, their owner do not take their pets to the veterinarian. So, why should we take action? We should take action because we get basic human rights so therefore we have no rights to torture weaker creatures. If someone rejects you and hits you, you would get depressed and be in pain. It is the same with animals, they have feelings and feel pain.

  At this point of my process I really believe that people should help out to prevent animal cruelty. They have feelings like we do and can feel pain. I believe that if an owner gets a pet, the owner should treat one’s pet with love and kindness. I hope to learn more about how I can help end domestic animal cruelty and reasons more in depth of why people abuse their pets. As I am working on the You and the World Project, I hope to make a difference about animal cruelty and I hope to let people know about why this is bad and should be stopped. Please help put a stop to domestic animal cruelty.
This kitten was left untreated and was neglected.

This image shows a x-ray of a cat that was shot.

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Ava Olsen (Student 2016)
Ava Olsen

The pictures you included are so sad! We both have an involvement with animals in our projects :). Great job with the statistics as well! Good job~