Don’t Keep Calm, Animals are Being Hurt

Hello! I am Sarah Son and I am a freshmen at Science Leadership Academy. In our English class, we were assigned a project that requires us to choose a specific topic that pulls our interest. I chose animal cruelty for my topic. This topic really stood out to me and spoke to me because I have a connection to this and I think that it is an interesting topic to research. Animals do not have voices, we should speak up for them so that we can make a change and help them since they can’t always defend themselves. The change may be small, but it will mean a lot. I want more people to help and be more aware of this problem!

Did you know that most cases of animal abuse are not reported? Animal cruelty happens in all different kinds of places in the world. Animals, especially dogs, are being hurt in a lot of harsh ways. Animal hoarding is said to be more likely with women who are 60-years-older or older. Men who intentionally abuse animals are most likely under 30, according to this.  As mentioned before, dogs are the most common animal to be mistreated. According to this graph, dogs has the most number of cases, cats being the other.
This pie chart shows the percentage of animals who are often abused. As you can see, dogs are shown to have the highest percentage between the others.

There isn’t one way of hurting these poor, innocent animals. That is the scary part, there are tons of ways animal abusers abuse animals. The most common abuse is neglect or abandonment. Another common abuse is hoarding, as mentioned before. Neglect, by definition, is the act of failing to care for something properly. The owner must have failed to provide the animal with requirements such as food, water, healthcare, and most importantly a proper home.

This is another pie chart that shows the different kinds of animal in the U.S. According to this graph, neglect/ abandonment seems to be the one with the highest percentages with 32.4%.

Animal cruelty not only physically and mentally hurt the animal but it hurts people like me, people who care about animals. I asked my mom about our dog that died and she told me, “I remembered the day that she passed. Kina (our dog) was poisoned. The terrible thing was that she was pregnant, too. We didn’t have enough money to do much for her.” There are many people in the world that cares about animals. On the other hand, we have many other people who abuses the animals. I want more people to be aware of this and help out. Little help can be big help to an animal in need.

While doing this research, I learned a lot from these sources. It makes me think harder about what kind of world we live in and it is sad that things like this, animal cruelty, happens every single day. I learned that animal abusers do not even realise that what they are doing is terrible and it is causing pain to animals and people. I also found out that animal abusers are, “five times likely to commit violent crimes against people,” according to this. I hope to figure out what goes inside of an animal abuser’s mind. Why are they doing that? I am hoping to learn more as we go on! Let's make a change.

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Nasya Ie (Student 2020)
Nasya Ie

Heyo Sarah, I love the information you put into this blog! I love how you added graphs to show what you are talking about. I agree that this needs to stop! If animal abuse can be reported do you think animal abuse will decrease? Keep up the good work! >o<

Madison Siegel (Student 2020)
Madison Siegel

This made me almost cry. Animal abuse is a really sad topic, and I really like how you are trying to do something about it. I always try to take care of my dog the best I can because of animal abuse, and because I don't want my dog to ever be hurt. It amazes me how many dogs and other animals do actually get hurt, and I really like how you're trying to make a change in that. Great job! I can't wait to hear more about your topic!

Josiah Mast (Student 2020)
Josiah Mast

This is also a very sad topic for me and I feel why you would choose a topic like this. You go into great detail and provide good evidence in pie charts. I love it and am very looking to see a great project from you!!!!

Ruby Ginsburg (Student 2020)
Ruby Ginsburg

Sarah, your writing is really engaging and I love that you chose a topic that you have a personal connection to. I also appreciate all the research you did. The statistics you presented in your writing and in the graphs are really helpful. Also, I like that you quoted what your mom said about your dog, but it makes me so sad! I'm excited to see what you do for your agent of change part :)