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Printmaking is when you carve a image in a piece of wood then cover the wood in ink to make the carving on the wood a picture on paper. Printmaking goes way back to the egyptian time as egyptians used relief printing to and design to their fabrics. Printmaking also was used to make the first books. The invention of printmaking was revolutionary as it made comebacks with a new technique after being replaced until digital printing was made. Printmaking was all around the world when it was popular. Printmaking was also used to make famous paintings like the “Bison Couché”. Some ethnic groups had to use stone for printmaking. Chinese also used stone but to only print their names on their work.

You have to think, what would the world be without the invention of printmaking? Here is how the invention of printmaking is important and revolutionary. Without printmaking education might of been different as we couldn’t get a lot of educational books. A library would be pretty expensive to get books from as the books would of been rare to get. Teachers couldn’t print out many copies of worksheets or instructions for a experiment or project. There's more things that couldn’t be possible without the invention of printmaking but i'm not going to write them all down.

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I found this image from google leading me to a wikipedia site: url to page

I think the painting is about an old man waking up to a rooster on the wall and sees his son and grandson in the distance. I noticed the maker made it look like it’s sunrise instead of the blue sky and yellow sun high in the sky. What if the rooster is the old man’s wife as the old man as his cheeks are red. I noticed there's a cliff side to the right with a tree on the edge. What if the  two people in the background are going to that cliff and passes by the old man’s house everyday