Donny's home network

My house's ISP is Verizon Fios, ​my L.A.N is a Modem router that gets its data from a grey cat/10 wire. Everything connected to it by wires are my parent's computers that are wired to the router by ethernet cords and also the TV in the living room as well as the telephone I think but I don't know what kind of wire though. The things connected wirelessly include my laptops, my sister's laptops and our Iphones, and me and my mother's tablets. Learning about the network was a fun as I found the mini video about the network funny. I'm not that easy to make go OMG unless it's a very funny video or it's so dramatic in my opinion. I would say that when you get an ISP/Home network look up the real price then multiply the price by 12 to see how much money you'r using for wifi for a year.