Drawing the Art Studio

The project was to draw the art room. In order to do so first we had to apply what we learned from the first class which was drawing boxes around the vanishing point and and drawing orthagonals lines from the boxes to the vanishing point. Then you had to apply what we learned from the other classes which was making objects look 3D. And when you put all that together you get this art project.

The process I used to finish my project was first picking a wall in the class to make it your back wall, next I found the center of the paper, and then drew that wall. Afterwards, I used orthagonals lines to get the other sides of the wall. When I got the walls done, I drew in my windows and columns. And then I drew in the things that was inside the room such as the tables, stools, cabinets, pictures, and blinds.

The things that was easy for me to learn was drawing the room and putting in the furniture inside of it. And the hardest thing to learn was finding the center of the room.

Maria Latorre did a great job on her project. When she did her drawing you could see that she took her time. Also the way she had her windows and furniture really looked like that it was in 3D. And when I look at her drawing, it makes me feel as though that I am inside the classroom.