Many people have dreams when they are little. Farfetched dreams that are soon washed away in the tide of life. However sometimes people see their dreams come true. In this podcast we will hear the story of someone who saw their dreams come true... My mom I'm Khari Evans stay tuned.
mom's interview 2


Editing and producing my product for me was a learning experience. At first I thought that it would be an easy project and could be done quickly. I got my interview done quickly and had a ok sound quantity. However after listening to Ira glass of this American life I thought otherwise. One line that stuck-out for me is when Ira was talking about killing (cutting) the interview was the most important thing to do in a podcast. When listening to his show you can see how cutting helps a podcast become better. Listen to podcast last year helped with what not to do. When I was interview my mom I learn a lot of stuff that I didn’t know before and because that I might have went off topic. These are the things I cut while editing. Editing for me before this topic was just to fix mistake, but in podcasts the editing is over of a way to control the flow in a story. One thing I would like to do next time is interview more people and ask better questions. I don’t think that I drew the interviewers in as well as I could. All and all I liked the project.


My mom I feel was a great interviewee however she was sleepy when I did it and that was not the best time to interview her. For this fat I think that sound quality might have suffered. My mom’s room however was a good place to record. Thinking back another person add to the interview would have probably made it better. I had planed out having another person in the first place but found that I could not meet with that person. I also want to interview people in the school for that would have been fun foe everyone.      

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Jordan Hairston (Student 2014)
Jordan Hairston

I like what you choose to interview you mother on, her dream. For your mother it's not just a dream anymore, it's her reality. I like her reflection on what she said and how she chose portray her talent.