Drowning Grades

Welcome to my crossing boundaries podcast. This is a story about my father Jeff Petty, he crossed the boundary of self expectation. He was accepted to a really good high school, for his 10th grade year. William Penn High. A year later he was kicked out. For failing his classes. To find out the whole story please listen to this pod cast.      
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After finishing  this interview with my father, I found it odd that he said he would not have done it again. There could have been so much more in life for him. He could have gone to college and have a great life. After finishing I ask him this, he tells me that he has a great life now. I thought that his was a great response, Jeff Petty is a great father, husband and worker, without William Penn High.

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Reginald Simmons (Student 2015)
Reginald Simmons

Very nice, Leah. I particularly enjoyed the introduction. The story was very good, also. I love to hear a great tale of someone rising above what they thought they could do.

Nia Hammond (Student 2015)
Nia Hammond

There were a few static-y areas but I really like the story, and it's good that he realized that he failed himself and still was able to be sucessful and all.