Drue and Tamatha- T vs Ud. Questions

               * Tú vs. Ud. Questions

      Explanation to teach topic:

1.     Greeting your friends and their parents.

2.     Explanation to teach topic:

There are two type of ways to greet someone-informal and formal.

When you use informal you would use tú and when you use formal you would use usted (ud.).

When you are talking to your amigos you would use tú and when your  talking to your amigo’s parents, you would use ud.

              You would use ud. when talking to an adult to show a sign of respect.



                ¿Como estás (tú)?.....How are you?

                ¿Como te llamas (tú)?....What’s your name?             

                ¿De dónde eres (tú)?....Where do you from?

                ¿Cuántos años tienes (tú)?.....How old are you?


                ¿Como es (ud.)?...How are you?

                ¿Como se llama (ud.)?...What’s your name?

                ¿De dónde es (ud.)?.....Where are you from?

                ¿Cuántos años tiene (ud.)?.... How old are you?


     Notice how there are marking on top of certain letters. And there are two question marks, an upside down one in the front and a regular one in the back. We put two question marks or two exclamation point in front of a sentence so you would know if the sentence is a question or a statement.