Drue and Tamatha-Courtesy Phrases

                 Courtesy Phrases

1.     Using Buenos modales (good manners)

2.     * There are three ways to say excuse me to someone:

  -Con permisio



_If your going somewhere and someone is in your way you would say “con permisio”.

_If you want to get someone’s attention you would say “disculpe”.

_When you bump someone you would say “perdon”.

* There are three type of ways to say thanks and three ways to say your 




                  Muchas gracias…..Thanks a lot.

                  Mil gracias…..Thanks a million.   

You can say certain ones of these three anytime you want to say thank you. For example:

 _Your teacher checks your homework: Gracias

_Your friend helps you with classwork you don’t understand: Muchas gracias

_Someone finds your wallet: Mil gracias

Your welcome-

     De nada

     Por nada

    No hay de qué.

* If you want to say please to someone or ask what they say, you can say:

¿Como?.....What was that?

Por favor…..Please