Drue and Tamatha-Greetings/Saludos

Greetings/ Saludos


1. When seeing a new person and want to say hi.


2.  Español                                    English

    ¡Hola!                                                 Hi!

    ¡Buenos días!                            Good morning!

    ¿Qué tal?                                     How are you?

    Bein gracias!                                       Good, thank you!

   ¿Y tu?                                                 And you?

Chao                                            Bye!

¡Buenas Tardes!                      Good, evening!     

¡Buenas noches!                      Good, night or Good afternoon


Notice there are two explanation points, because then the person saying it can tell if it’s a statement or a question. Also, BuenOs and BuneAs , one has an O , and the others have A. That’s because the O is masculine and one is feminine.