Drue and Tamatha-Weather Conditions

Describing the weather conditions


1. Asking someone what’s the weather like.

2. When you want to ask what’s the weather like, you can say:

     ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

     -There are many ways to answer that question, they are:

Hace (mucho)…          It’s (very)…

    frio                                cold

              calor                              hot

              viento                            windy

              sol                                 sunny

              fresco                            cool


            Está…                It’s…

               nublado                        cloudy

               lloviendo/llueve           raining/rains

               nevando/nieva              snowing/snows

               húmedo                        humid


    -If you want to say mostly and partly you would say:

      mayormente                mostly

      parcialmente               partly