E1 U1 (Sarah, Sean, Odilia, Mike)

Video 1- Restaurante- intro The scene starts off with a father and daughter into restaurant he gets ready to order. The father and his daughter both take a seat as the waiter takes their order. The little girl orders alphabet soup and the orders father a hamburger. As they wait for their food, the little girl begins to sing the alphabet. When their food arrives, they thank the waiter and enjoy their food. Video 2- Tu and Ud.- Grandfather A grandfather gets to meet his grandchildren for the first time in a while. When the grandfather opens the door they both greet each other, after that the grandfather get into a conversation with his grandson and granddaughter about the temperature. Video 3- Numerous- Math Class The teacher starts off the class by asking the students a math problem. The teacher calls on a student that has their hand raised to answer the question Videos 4- Qué hora es?- Temp In this scene, a teacher asks her students what time it is in different parts of the world. First she asks her student about Philadelphia, after they answer the teacher then asks about Cuba.