E1 U1 Monie D., Assirem H., Lamar R., Charles L.

This video shows how you can ask someone for the time. In this case, Charles does not have a watch or phone to check the time. He stops and asks a stranger, Lamar. When Lamar tells the wrong time, another stranger, Monie, comes and corrects him.
This video shows how knowing the numbers in Spanish is helpful. In this case, a student is having trouble with his homework so he comes up with an idea to exchange numbers between the table. The students take turns saying their phone numbers.
This video shows how you could get to know a new person. In this case, a shadow comes to SLA to look around the school. Monie, a student at SLA, decides to talk to Charles, the shadow, and get to know him.
This video shows how you can use the alphabet in a real life situation. In this case, it will be used during an appointment at the eye doctors.  Assirem and her dad goes to the eye doctor to get her yearly check up. Charles, the nurse, will be assisting Dr. Monie.