E3.Q4.2012_Conversation Proyecto: Understanding Spanish Phrase Usage

​This first blog post is about greetings because it is difficult to start a conversation without one. Of course there are many ways to say basically the same thing, but you would not address your mother the same way you would address your friend. Below is a list of common spanish greetings and their translation in english. 

Slang (to friends, people your age)

1. "¿Que Tal" -Whats up?

2. "¿Dos como and as?"- How is it going? 

3."¿Que pass?"- Whats up?

Respectful way (elder, parents, respected figure)

1."Hola ¿Como estad usted?"- Hi, how are you?


 If you really want to impress someone with your spanish you could say this next phrase after they respond.

"Mucho gusto"- Nice to meet you. 

The next blog post will be about questions that follow the greetings and how the phrases change depending on who you're talking to.