E3.U4: Las Relaciones Personales BM

The assignment was to create radio or TV show about a troubled  relationship and get advice on how to fix it. Each person had to write their own script which have to have 10 vocabulary words, 3 Ser verbs, 3 estar and 3 subjunctives. Our group decided to do a radio show because of the amount of time we had. We thought that filming would be difficult to plan and not enough class time. Well I thought that i had a chance to actually use the vocabulary, which i had trouble applying to class discussions. I also understand the uses of estar and ser way better because we had it on the google doc and when people edited my work they would point out the verb mistake. I currently have a better understanding of the topics that needed to be covered in the Benchmark. I felt that this benchmark was helpful for my understanding of this unit. I felt that our final product was good, but it could have been better. We should have had a surprise twist like my boyfriend was really my brother. I wish it could have been more over the top and ridiculously funny. I would have also changed te fact that we did a radio show. I would do a TV show because it can be more dramatic and just funny if done correctly, I felt it was difficult making our dialogue funny. Also on a TV show we could completely change our appearance which would help with creating a new persona. I would have basically the same plot because i thought it was sort of interesting. To conclude I enjoyed this project and hope to see more projects similar to this one.

Link to benchmark: