Ebony Ream's Capstone

For my capstone, it was important for me to work with children. I originally wanted to volunteer at St. Christopher’s Hospital and do storytelling with the children, as well as creating a book. However, there were a few complications with that idea so my mentor, Ms. Giknis and I, were brainstorming of other places I could possibly volunteer at while still doing something similar to what I wanted to do. We eventually saw that Ronald McDonald House offers opportunities for volunteers, most times high schoolers, to create arts and crafts or play some kids who are long-term ill. My main goal for this capstone was to give children who are ill, the opportunity to “play” or “live” like a normal child would. These children are constantly in and out of the hospital, some even only knowing what a hospital room looks like. Most of the research towards this project was just looking up ways to approach children who are ill and even families of the children. A lot of it was also finding fun arts and crafts for them to do.

I want to give a huge shoutout to Ms. Giknis, Brandon Jones, and Daouda Njie for helping me making this event possible. It was something that not only made the kids happy, but it allowed me to build stronger connections with children.