Education in Philadelphia: The Legislators

The School District of Philadelphia has faced a lot of challenges in 2011. From the mass budget cuts of the spring, to the firing of Superintendent Arlene Ackerman in the summer, there has been massive reform and lack of organization in the district. My in depth studying and lobbying of education reform has led me to study closer to the local acts of legislation that effect education.

The most recent act of legislation in the Philadelphia area that captured my attention was Councilman Bill Greens proposal to pull the SRC (School Reform Commission) in order to allow successful Philadelphia public schools to enhance their education without having to deal with the restrictions of the School Reform Commission. 

Since running for City Council in 2007, Councilman Green has been a strong proponent of improving public education in Philadelphia. He has proposed a number of different pieces of legislation with regards to Philadelphia Eduction, including a policy outlining over 30 different recommendations to help fix Philadelphia Schools in the spring of 2010.

After hearing of this, I chose to use him as the legislator to reach out to for my lobby. After having trouble getting a hold of him at his city hall office by Phone, I decided to send a letter by mail with hopes that it will receive close contemplation. The letter included a praise of his former legislative moves in city hall, followed by introduction of who I was and why I was writing to him in regards to education reform. My focal concern was on his recent push against the SRC. I expressed my support for his decision but questioned the specific policies he was concerned about. And what was the ultimate factor that made him decide to make this move. It'll be interesting to see his response (If I get one) to my letter. Hopefully It will give my a more hands on look as too how legislators go about making their decision process.