Education Reform -Jason m. Davis

Jason M. Davis

​In addition to the countries economic struggles, there is key aspect of the social spectrum that is currently tainting America's system, the youth. While the reasons for this is widely debated, a highly expected contributer is the current economic system. In my lobbying topic, I choose to take the side of the struggling youth in this country, who have fell victim to the incompitence of the adults who make decisions on that political stage that have effected our education.

Education reform and public education, in the role of the fight against standardized teaching, is a widely liberal approach. Liberal believes tend to favor he idea of public education, because it supports all children in the U.S. Recently, many movements have pushed towards the reform of public education because many believe that the people making decisions about the curricullum and standards of schools do not represent education in all parts of the United States. 

Many people, both liberal and consertive approach education in a more standardized way. These create specific standards for students in specific grades, which is sometimes viewed as treating students as if they are all the same. Educators around the country are pushing for reform in the system which has resulted in some political effects. On a national level, the most recent legislation has been the addition of secondary standards to the "No Child Left Behind Act" which was signed into law in 2001. These changes have been minor, but show examples of the voices of these lobbies being heard.