El tiempo: the weather

El Tiempo: The Weather
How to ask what the weather is in Spanish

To ask what the weather is in Spanish, you'll first need to know the types of weather. To help you learn, I've prepared the following Quizlet set.
If a phrase starts in hace, you can add "very" by inserting "bastante" after hace. For instance, "Hace bastante frio" means "It's very cold." When using it on fresco, it may be better to use "frio" instead.
You can also say "it rains a lot" by adding "mucho" after lloviendo. This also works for nevando, but you will have to change it to "nieva."
You can say it's partly or mostly cloudy by adding "mayormente" or "parcialmente" after está and before nublado.
Another thing you will need to learn is temperature. To learn how to say the temperature in Spanish, use the Quizlet set below.

After saying "La temperatura máxima es..." or "La temperatura mínima es..." add a number and then "grados." For "Ahorita estamos a #​ grados," substitute a number for #. Celsius is standard for temperature in Spanish. 
Now that you know the types of weather and temperature, you can learn to ask what the weather is. To ask what the weather is, say "¿Qué tiempo hace?" One possible way you could answer is "Hace mayormente nublado." You could then continue "La temperatura es ochenta y nueve grados."

You also need to know the numbers. They are in the Quizlet set below.
​Now you know how to ask the weather in Spanish. Here's a video of how it can be used in real life.