El Verano Pasasado Q1 BM

Jenn Wright
Abe Mussleman
Taina Rosario
Alex De Lia

These goals define what success means for our project. Because our video teaches about the past verb tense, our viewers should be able to add another dimension to their conversation. Also, our video demonstrates some basic conversation skills that will allow viewers to start a friendly conversation. They should be able to use the past tense for talking about what you did over the summer. One should be able to hold a “small talk” conversation. We made this project to help teach Noah how to use some Spanish. This will teach him the past tense verbs and other familiar words. This project is basically a tutorial so Noah will be able to adjust to life in Spanish culture. We are proud of, firstly how well we worked together. Everyone took a part in producing the video and accompanying parts. The group all kept up with the check points and introduced many creative ideas. If we were to do the project over again we would have liked to have more time to polish over some of the filming in terms of pronunciation and camera quality.