Element Print

IMG_2580 (1)
IMG_2580 (1)
​My element silicon its atomic symbol is Si and its atomic number is 14. Silicon is the 8th most common element in the world. Jöns Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist founded Silicon in 1782. Most silicon that is used today isn't pure. It can be found in computer chips, batteries, clay, silica sand, and stone. I chose to draw a laptop because when I think of a computer ship I think of a laptop. The process of making this took several steps:
  1. Draw image on tracing paper
  2. flip the tracing paper over so it is backwards. Then begin to draw on the stencil with the tracing paper.
  3. Place the printer paint onto a tray then roll out to get an even layer
  4. Cover the stencil with the even layer of paint
  5. Place the stencil on the paper then press down
  6. repeat this at least 3 times
  7. Wait to dry then rip off the access paper
  8. place the image of construction paper
  9. Create an one inch boarder
If i did this again I would add more paint because some of them turned out blotchy. While doing this assignment I didn't have a favorite part.