Element Print


My element is Tungsten and it’s atomic number is 74. My element was discovered by Irish chemist Peter Woulfe from his analysis of the mineral wolframite. Tungsten was isolated as tungstic oxide (WO3) in Sweden by Carl W. Scheele in 1781. Tungsten is widely used in older style electric bulbs and electronic tubes. It is also used as the filament in halogen tungsten lamp, and it is used in heavy metal alloys due to its hardness.

I decided to draw and grenade because Tungsten is used in bullets, missiles and grenades. As I was looking at images I saw a tattoo of an exploding grenade and I thought it looked nice so I decided to draw it. To make the print I first sketched the grenade a few times and finally once I liked one of them I drew it nicely. Then after the drawing was finished I had to draw it again onto onion paper so that I could trace over it to engrave the styrofoam. Then I covered it with ink and transferred/printed it onto paper.

If I printed again I would spend more time drawing to attempt to make the drawing even better. I also would add more paint so that the entire image was printed evenly. I enjoyed the research the most because I found what I learned interesting and I was learning a lot of different facts. For the research I had to look at all the aspects of my element, what it is used for, where it is found, where, when and who discovered it, where is it mined, and it’s facts such as it atomic mass, atomic number and symbol.