Element Print-Manganese

  • What is your element? Name and atomic number

  • -My element is Manganese, its atomic number is 25.

  • Tell the reader about your element, history, function/use and so on.

  • - Manganese has been around for more than three centuries, it was discovered by a swedish chemist by the name of Johan Gottlieb Gahn. Manganese. A good amount of the Earth's crust is actually made of manganese

  • How did you get the idea for the imagery you chose?

  • I didn't want to do a generic soda can so I decided that I was going to do a human body with a lot of foods that are high in manganese and I can have that as my symbol.

  • What process did you go through to make this print?

  • My process for this was kind of long and kind of easy at the same time, I decided on my design in the actually really like my design but I doubt it it for a while because I thought it was too simple or it was just not going to look well as my final product but I actually love how it turned out. I made three drawing prince before I transferred it onto my styrofoam plate and I picked my best one in my favorite one.

  • What would you do differently if you did this print a second time?

  • I think I would have changed how I made my styrofoam plate I would have darkened more areas so that it would have given more deaths to the final product because I don't think I pressed down as hard with my pencil when I was making a styrofoam plate and because of that it wasn't as precise as I wanted it to be.

  • What part of the project did you enjoy the most? Describe the step and what you liked so much about it.

  • My favorite part about the project was probably the printing process with a styrofoam plate onto the final white paper. This is because I felt like it was just really refreshing seeing my final print come to life and seeing the different colors that I could have it associated with. So with the printing process I had to use a barrel thing and roll this slow drying paint on my styrofoam plate which then I transferred and pressed against a white piece of paper which was going to be my final paper and so the paint from the styrofoam plate would be transferred onto the final.