Element Print - Vanadium

My element is Vanadium, it’s atomic number is 23. Vanadium was discovered a couple times, the first by Andrés Manuel del Rio in 1801 who then sent the element to a french chemisist. The chemisist said it was just a chromium mineral. Later on in 1831 it was discovered at  Stockholm by chemisist named Nil Gabriel Selfström. He found it in a piece of Ore(which is another element), then later in 1869 Vanadium is being produced purely. Vanadium is used in jet engines, so I decided to make a jet to represent that. I first drew a rocket ship but I thought I could do better. I put the sketch on a different piece of paper so I could easily print it out. I rolled out the paint then put the paint on my sketch, once my sketch was fully covered in paint I put it face down on a blank piece of paper. Then I rubbed a spoon over both papers so the ink would transfer. After the ink was on the other side I let the papers dry and then cut them out. I would change my sketch so it was a little more interesting and looked better with the ink on it. My favorite part of the project was getting to actually print the sketches out. It was very hands on and very fun to do.