Element Print Project 2011

Fluorine Erupts
Fluorine Erupts
​My element is Fluorine. Fluorine and its compounds are used in producing uranium. Fluorochlorohydrocarbons are used in refrigeration applications. Fluorine is used to produce many chemicals, including several high-temperature plastics. The presence of sodium fluoride in drinking water at the level of 2 ppm may cause mottled enamel in teeth, skeletal fluorosis, and may be associated with cancer and other diseases. However, topically applied fluoride (toothpaste, dental rinses) has been shown to help reduce dental caries.

Since fluoride is explosive and reacts to all of the other elements, I figured I would do a print of the symbol "F9" exploding. 

We had to brainstorm and think of why our element is special, then sketch out three ideas that we possible wanted to use. We had to decide the best one and trace it on tracing paper. Next, we transferred the drawing via the tracing onto the 
linoleum block. Finally we cut the block and printed it onto good paper. 

To show off our elements, we pasted them all on a big periodic table on the 2nd floor

I think that this was a fun, but challenging project that took some skills to accomplish. If I had to do this project again, I would pick a different drawing that I wanted to print.