Element Print Project 2011

Cool, isn't it? I would say so! This picture had so many steps. Types of art like this are called linoleum block printing. This was on of the hardest projects I did all year because it involved so many steps and time. And even a few bandages. Yes, I said bandages. 

Anyway, my element in called indium, also known as In on the periodic table. The atomic number of this element is 49. Indium is usually seen in solid wiring form and is very rare. It is used in many things such as film coatings for motor materials and used to make LCD lights. But don't think that indium is all cool because of the low amount of radiation it carries.

My inspiration for this picture is because of the high pitch sound the element gives off when it is places into a fire. Henceforth,y the scientist holding the indium over the Bunsen burner. 

Doing this project was quite hard. There were many steps even before the carving. Our teacher, Ms. Hull wanted us to draw three 6 by 6 inch draft prints. The first draft which was just the symbol and the atomic number. Then came a coil of indium. The last picture was the one I chose, which was the scientist experimenting with indium. After choosing the draft I wanted to copy onto the block, I let Ms. Hull take a look on my block and she gave me the thumbs up to go with carving my block. In the midst of carving my block, I cut myself with the carver. Instead of crying, I was laughing. I laughed my way over to Ms. Hull and she told me to wash it off. When I was done carving we poured paint on to the table and and painted our blocks with it.

To me, this project was awesome. I started off first with rough edges and then in the end you see some clear, clean cuts on my block. That was where I finally learned how to carve a linoleum block. That is also one of the things I would change in the project. Take away all of my rough edges. 

Print Making
Print Making