Element Print Project 2011

​The element that was given to me was Copper. Copper is a red-brown metal, the chemical element of atomic number 29. It's used in cellphones, homes computers, jewelries, coinage, etc. Coppers are also a good conductive of heat and electricity. 

This project was the same as "negative space drawing." Negative space is a space around a subject of an mage. This part of the drawing is usually neglected, or filled with scribbles. Negative space involves with concentrating on shading in the background and leaving the object white.

As for this art Printmaking project, I chose to draw a coin with with an atomic number, mass and boiling point of the element of copper and placed it inside and around the coin area. Coinage is made out of copper and I thought it would be fairly easy to use this as my printmaking project. There were many mistakes going on when carving the block. I accidentally carved the block way too deep which makes it seems rusty. The atomic numbers, mass numbers, and boiling point numbers did not really showed up. Only the the symbol (Cu) of the element did. When it comes to carving, I only carved the inside of the numbers, the coin, and leave the negative space as it is on the block. 

I would have used other bright colors to bring out the drawing, but since copper has the color silver in it's product, I just wanted the color of the background to go with the element. There have been a lot of mistakes, but if  I could go back to redo it, I would definitely try to be careful with the cravings. 
2011-06-09 10.21.19_Philadelphia_Pennsylvania_US
2011-06-09 10.21.19_Philadelphia_Pennsylvania_US