Element Print Project 2011

For the project, the element that as chosen for was chlorine. 

The steps that I took form making my idea for the print into a final print h
were drawing different possible ways that my idea could be portrayed. I looked up different uses for my element and the harms that can it can have on people. Then, I drew two of the uses and one of the harms. I picked the best one of those three drawings. I traced the one I wanted to become my final print on tracing paper. I used the tracing paper to draw the print on the linoleum block. For the linoleum block, I decide that I wanted the body, the liquid, and the can of chlorine to be the positive space. Then, everything else to be the negative space.
I think I would chose a different drawing, if I could anything different because I would want to carve out more things. 
I thought that the project was really because I never worked with a linoleum block before and it was cool carving the drawing out. 

photo (1)
photo (1)