Emily Jenson Quarter 4 Art

Emily’s Q4 Art
​Quarter Four was my most creative Quarter. I really started experimenting with cardboard, cutting into it to see to insides. The closet door in the art room looks amazing, I love just staring at it. Every time someone asks the room or Ms. Hull who did that she points to me or I get to proudly say, " Me. " I've found that working with geometric shapes and triangles especially give me such a sense of calm. Aesthetically, it's extremely pleasing. i also worked on a sculpture of a shack which was awesome because I haven't worked in 3D since over the summer when I took a class at Tyler. The pot I made was one of the pieces that meant the most to make. It's for Ms. Echols, the ocean theme of the glaze is for her new adventures with oceanography. I hope she likes it. The last thing I worked on was the huge cardboard piece with Jenny Cruz. We're going to ask Mr. Lehmann if we can hang it up somewhere so people can add to it. I also added a few pieces that i've done over the past quarter, my personal favorites. I am going to miss this class more than anything. I've learned so much, I've broadened my artistic horizons. I'm beyond excited for college, and to come back and annoy Ms. Hull :-)