Emulate The Author: Raid Sattouf

G10 Emulation Handbook Template (1)

Comments (8)

Rasa Watson (Student 2020)
Rasa Watson

It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into your project. At times the setup gets a little confusing. I noticed that you had two sections for narration as an element. other than that you clearly know what you are talking about, you give a lot of detail and explanations.

Shaheed Williams (Student 2020)
Shaheed Williams

Your project was very colorful and creative. It matched the funniness of the book you're reading. Every page had something to look at. Basically, everything with color stood out. I thought about a story being expressed by a comic book.

Niya Petty (Student 2020)
Niya Petty

Your hand book was very interesting and creative. You used lots of details in Emulation and also lots of colors which made it pop out and made read what was written

Chloe Simmons (Student 2020)
Chloe Simmons

I like how your font and background varies in size and color. I do like the table of contents. It was interesting to read. I too was able to learn what it was like to live in the Middle East in the 80s. Good job!

Serenity Baruzzini (Student 2020)
Serenity Baruzzini

I really liked how you formatted the project. I learned about how living in the Middle East may have been in the 80s. Your dedication to the project is evident in how much content there is.

Benjamin Rivera (Student 2020)
Benjamin Rivera

This was really creative and it really gave the readers attention to what they were reading. At least for me some people may get distracted or lost with all the different color patterns. Try to make the color scheme a little more organized but over all really creative and you give a lot of plot of your story including your elements.