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John Sugrue (Student 2019)
John Sugrue

cat Some things, in life, are inevitable. It is inevitable that I will write this story, and that this story will have a sad END, and that not everything will be happy. It is inevitable that everything will come to an END, unless I’m talking about old Mrs. Jones next door. She’ll live forever, or at least long enough to continue being a nuisance. Tom did not think anything was going to come to an END that day, as he strolled around the house. He had a hankering for a snack, so he meandered his way to the kitchen. Life had been going well for old Tom; nothing was especially out of the ordinary save for the occasional change in his daily routine. Tom thought about what his plans were for the evening. How would he END his day? He decided to END that train of thought, as he could figure it out when he needed to. He found his beloved cat clawing at the closet door, as if he wanted to go in. With a smile on his face, Tom opened the door for Rory, and grabbed himself something to eat, before heading off. Nothing big would come to an END. Rory foresaw the END for the small creature hiding in the shadows of the closet. His hunting instincts kicked in, and the END of his tail flicked back, forth, back, forth, back. The mouse saw a quick flash of fur and claws before his life came to an END. Rory stood over his prey, proud of the END result of the kill. He hadn’t put another animal’s life to END so quickly before. It was as simple as that. He felt no guilt, no remorse. It was just the END.

Marcin Czapla (Student 2019)
Marcin Czapla

The 4th of July. The classic American holiday, fit with everything and anything ranging from alcohol to parties, to food, to fireworks. Fireworks, the magical, harmless explosions in the sky, vibrant with color that are sure to bring joy and a smile to anyone's face. Except for Randy Barkley, to whom the sounds of fireworks make him wish he was GONE. The troubles Randy had to go through make me think of an old friend of mine. Max Gilligan. Max Gilligan was bright young boy who had always wanted a pet dog. He saved up all the money he could by cutting lawns until all his energy was GONE. He saved and saved until his whole summer was almost GONE as well. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Max finally had enough money to buy the dog all his needed supplies, so he adopted the dog. He named the dog Buddy and spent all the time in the world with him. He played with him from morning until the son was GONE. Then one day while he was playing with Buddy on the sidewalk, Buddy ran into the street and got hit by an oncoming car. Max ran into the street past the driver and got on his knees next to Buddy. He cried and held the dog in his arms until he knew Buddy was GONE. Now even though Randy wasn’t GONE, his friend Joe was. Joe was shot in the line of fire in Vietnam and Randy was there when it happened. Randy did everything he could possibly do to try and save Joe. He didn’t want to accept it, he didn’t want to give up. He stayed with Joe, who was lying in his arms, both men crying, until Joe was GONE.

Amado Alfaro-Allah (Student 2019)
Amado Alfaro-Allah

Kids under the age of 13 stop reading now, and go read something more your age like the forms or your fanfiction kids still read that right? Also I guess it depends which fanfiction your reading and- BACKSPACE Let’s just get on to the story. It was a late night and our hero decided to get some food…at a diner, Pancakes I believe or something over done like that. Our hero decided to sit in front of the window watching the snow fall gently.

“What will it be doll?” the tired waitress said to our hero

“Just pancakes please” which he replied.

The waitress clicked her pen and left into the kitchen. It seems quite… almost too quiet for our hero. I can’t really blame him for being a little on edge I mean nothing was happening there was an old lady resting and a man on the phone so there isn’t really anything to get worked up about. Anyway back to our “hero” BACKSPACE

He waited for his pancakes with baited breath like the run of the mill 15 year old. Do 15 year old’s still get excited like that anymore? Teens am I right or am I right. Anyway what was happening oh yeah the “waiting of the pancakes”. Our hero was waiting for the pancakes when the most peculiar thing happens. A girl walks in, and not just any girl this was the most beautiful girl our hero has seen dark skin like chocolate, beautiful colored eyes, you get the jist. After our hero sweating profusely like a stupid teenager, now I know teens do that. Our hero tightens up as the mystery girl sits next to him. What a predicament for our hero no less when his pancakes arrive just in time to calm him down like alcohol to a drunk. Out of all the seats in this empty diner she just had to sit next to him. Our hero takes a bite out of his pancakes when suddenly a conversation emerges.

“Can I have a bite” the mystery girl says

Our hero chews slowly and then swallows and his responds with teenage nervousness in his voice and replies “Yes?”

Harlem Satterfield (Student 2019)
Harlem Satterfield

The scientists drove through the thick forest of Axen. The leader of the group was holding a small radar that beeped as they went on. The others looked at their surroundings, observing the STRANGE environment. There were hundreds upon thousands of STRANGE things in this world. Sometimes they can’t help but think about how the world went on. But they couldn’t think now, because the radar was beeping loudly.

Shovels slowly disappeared from the trucks as the men grabbed them and began to dig. After three hours of digging, they unearthed….a cube.


This item was unlike anything they have discovered. It was silver in color with a smaller square core in the middle, showing on all sides, which glowed a bright red color.

The leader was bursting with excitement as he gazed at the STRANGE cube. So excited that he quickly hurried the men into the trucks to head back to the lab.

Sometimes, everything in life seems so STRANGE, it’s as if one was dreaming. And what was happening now was STRANGE indeed. The leader and his assistant stood in their laboratory looking at what appeared to be and ATV. The cube grew parts and wheels and motor to match that of a vehicle’s, but still retained it’s silver and red color. They knew that this was the greatest discovery to mankind.