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Maciej Pokora (Student 2019)
Maciej Pokora

Distress n.

I wake up to the clock telling me I’m late. The realization that this is an important day and that I need to get ready for it.

Appetite n.

Finding the plate that belonged to me, golden brown pancakes with syrup. They were not alone though. Vibrant red strawberries laid right on top of the pancakes swimming in the syrup. A big glass of milk stood right next to it. My favorite.

Apparel n.

Scrambling for clothes on the floor, I managed to grab socks underwear and shorts. It was good enough. I grab my stick of deodorant and rub myself up with it. All of this happening on the fly, I rush into the bathroom. I quickly pee and wash my face up a little. Maybe the water will help? Halfway down the stairs I realized I forgot my shirt, back up again to get it.

Assemble v.

I take my poorly put on socks and adjust them accordingly, just below the knee but not too high. Next, I take my shin pads and slide them right in really smooth.

Meymey Seng (Student 2019)
Meymey Seng

Haggard adj.

   The sound of Mr. Jones’s high pitched croaky voice kept echoing in my head saying, “Study for your quiz tomorrow kids. It will be 10% of your grade”. I twisted and turned in my bed, trying to find a comfortable position. 
 Nothing. I feel haggard. I glanced at the bright red letters glowing in my room showing me the time and there it said “3:34 am”

Atrocious. adj.

   If you searched up the word atrocious on the dictionary, a picture of my Algebra quiz might actually pop up. With just my luck, I had that class first period and I just so happened to lose my practice quiz. Nothing to study besides the sloppy notes in my book. I feel like I should be able to understand my own writing but I decide I’m going to sleep on it. Well, that didn’t work.
  My mom is asleep so I would have to slowly tiptoe down the stairs. Squeak. Luckily, that did not wake her up. Continuing down my carpeted stairs, I grabbed my laptop and decided to search up math tips. Might as well study the basics of what was said to be on my test. 
For what felt like years of studying, the clock only said “5:59 am”. Next thing to do: get ready for the school day. Going to school without any sleep is worth it I guess, because now I feel somewhat prepared for the test.

Alleviation. Adj.

I hastily made it to the bus stop just in time and got off in front of my school. Mr. Jones looked way too happy this morning, especially when it was a testing day. In fact, he looked like he wanted to give this test on a Monday morning to receive the grumpy looks from us. 
“Good morning class. It turns out that I forgot to teach you all a section of what was going to be on the test so I will move it to Thursday,” Mr. Jones announced.
Alleviation. I never knew a simple sentence could make all the stress fly off my shoulders.