Emulation Notebook- Kirkland

Comments (8)

Saniyyah Ray (Student 2021)
Saniyyah Ray

Your structure of the design was set up really nicely and your emulation was well written. You used many descriptive words to make the reader visualize what you were talking about.

Gabriella Torres (Student 2021)
Gabriella Torres

Your emulation had pursued all the elements you had inquired throughout the reading of your book. Each element had a clear portion in your scene that allowed the readers to see the writing style of you author. The first one was what the chapter layout was, which was in the style of a letter. The second element was giving the images of what the main character was going through in a detailed the last one was about the plot where you incorporated the way of the guys life in the army a what he was going through.

Fionn Hyland (Student 2021)
Fionn Hyland

Your creative scene was really good. You did a good job of including all of your elements. The way you used descriptive words in your scene was good. I also like the chapter structure and how you made you creative scene as a letter.

Yasir Thomas (Student 2021)
Yasir Thomas

I like the use of different colors and quotes that you had that weren't in the book. I also like how you had the emulation scene in the form of a letter and that was very creative.