Enemy Of State

​The way the government is portrayed in this film is very sneaky, stalker-ish and selfish as well. They have access to a lot of information and they go to the extreme to get information but that's only when they're the ones who really need it. This film made me fear for my own privacy beings though how this film showed how an individual citizens' privacy is not respected what so ever. I find the amount of power and accessibility the government has to be disturbing having the satellite cameras the most disturbing aspect about it.The things the NSA agents were doing such as putting video cameras around Robert's house and bugs in some of his items to follow him and tapping into the other guy's phone calls seemed a bit extreme. I believe the level of access the government should have to citizens' personal info is the amount that the citizens allow them to have. I don't believe the government has the right to access someone's personal information without their consent. Individuals' freedoms can/should be restricted for safety of community when their dealing with a real criminal, not just save themselves for trouble. This films makes me think of what else could the government be possible hiding from Americans.