Enemy of the State

​I think that this movie shoes a dramatic version of how power and access can easily be abused by having access into the personal lives of all Americans. It doesnt seem like there is much regulation on the use of these governmental "tools" which I think allows them to be easily misused. It also seems as though approval for use of the tools is given away without much consideration or back checking. The character played by John Voight was able to get approval to follow the man with the video by only making a simple call. If this is how the system really works it is incredibly flawed.
The government is not portrayed very well and the movie is very biased. While Im sure there are governmental workers who do abuse this tool I also think that there are tons who do use it correctly and as a way to better society. If this tool were to be used as intended then yes, it would be a great resource to prevent terrorism and stop senseless acts of hate, but I think that it also has the ability to be misused and abused.