English essay : Unforgettable memories

Unforgettable memories

By: Maria Latorre


There we were standing ready to lift off the airport. I looked back one more time to say bye to the state I was born in, “bye Venezuela.” We lifted off, the flight was long and it was so high to a person that was three feet.  It was also very fun after four hours. We had landed on a strange land that I had never seen before. There where so many people all of them were bigger then me but then I saw him I was very happy. My dad was waiting for us to get here. I was so happy but I was really tired that the moment I got in the car after walking from the ice-cold airport, I fell asleep faster than you can say I love you.

It was winter for me. Where I had come from I never felt this cold because it was nice, worm, or very hot. At the same time it was almost my birthday by the time I got to America. I got a lot of presents. One of the present was a stuffed animal named storm. She was a black stuffed dog with brown eyes. I always love animals so I was very happy to have gotten this one. A month later it was really winter and little ice-cold things stared falling from the sky, Americans call it snow. I knew that part but I never saw it fall on the main lands, I only would see it on mountains. Then Christmas came and I got more presents. I loved it.  I got so many things that I can’t name them all.

The seasons flew and it was summer. No more Ice, no more deadly cold weather, and no more heavy clothing. Now there’s nice hot air I can go swimming, but this summer was different. I played tennis that’s where I met a good and dear friend. It was really funny how we met because when we were playing she hit the ball too hard and it smacked me on the middle of my face. She ran to me and asked me if I was ok and that is how we started talking.

Now it’s time for school. I didn’t want to go I was too scared. I would ask myself, “What if the others think I’m weird because I don’t know English?” What if they hate me? I don’t want to go I want to be with my family. The moment my dad took me to school and we entered the big halls that had not a single sound and it was very dark too, I started to cry, “Papi yo no quiero estar aquí no mi dejes.”  I would say that every day until I had gotten use to school in America. I also met Mrs. Rosemary she was very nice and she would take care of me from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. My homeroom teacher was also nice to me and she would talk really slow so I could understand what she was talking about. I got used to coming to school that I forgot about the time and as a blink of and eye the school year was over.

The next school year they made me repeat because I was too young to go to first grade. The good thing about that was I meet her again, the girl that hit the ball so hard that it went flying into my face. We were always together, we became more than friends we were family. However sometime she would be hard to deal with. We would get into fights a lot. Being friends with her was like an emotional rollercoaster ride. I would always take in every single emotion she had so that she wouldn’t burst out on anyone. She would get mad a lot but I was the one that would cure her anger and I was ok with it. Another thing I would do for her is make her happy and take care of her when she’s sad. She would always come crying to me. I had become her mother, but I wasn’t only her mother I’m a mother for all of my friends too. I would act like their mother because I care for them a lot.

I’m in the second grade and we are all happy together have more fun then before. It was gym when I got into a school run. It was really fun we had to run and win the race in the end we won. That was so cool for me because I was there and helped my team to win.

Many years had past and its finally my 8th grade year. It was our last year together and we were all sad but we had a lot of fun. This year was different I was able to tell my sister (better known as my first friend) that she was hurting me a lot. Mainly emotionally because I was tired of taking her anger, which was always full force. She then said that she was very sorry and that she would try to change. After that we played a lot, went to the mall, the parks, on trips, and many other place. We are about to go to high school, graduation is tomorrow. As I was sleeping I had a dream that we would never leave but then I woke up and reality hits me in the face like an ice cold water fell from the sky.

Now I graduated from my middle school and we all want our different ways. The begging of a new school year started and I had made new friends. SLA was like another home to me it was very fun. I would always smile with my new friends. Even when we would get into a lot of fights, but the fight always ended with both side smiling happily at each other. I still had my other friend in my heart. We would meet time to time. Just so our friendship stayed together. The school year past very fast too, so soon that the next school year had already started.

I’m a sophomore its fun so far and I’m trying new things. Having friend and meeting new people is the best time for me. This school year will be very fun I just know it. All of my experiences are like a bumpy car ride but here I am, still going and really for any big bumps my car will have to go though. That makes these unforgettable memories.