English Profolio - Reading Review "The House of the Scorpion"


A book review was when we choose a book and instead of giving a traditional book report instead we had to review it. The difference of the two are that in a report you more tell the about the book but in our reviews its like more showing than telling.

The book I am reviewing is a science fiction novel called “The House of the Scorpion” by  Nancy Farmer. This book has been honored with many awards such as
Newbery Honor, National Book Award, Michael L. Printz Award, Young Hoosier Book Award, etc.

 The basic plot of the book Is about a boy named matt that is really a clone to a evil science professor named El Patron who controls mostly everything  and  everyone. But as through out the book Matt learns more and more information about himself as a clone and El Parton as a dictator to society.  The conflict of this story is person vs. person. This is because its Matt vs. the dictator El Parton  but the problem is that Matt is brain washed to believe that El Parton is his friend but he is really just a clone he wants to be in handy for spare body parts if something goes wrong.  You should take away from this book that everyone is not your friend and you can not live in world blind of your own personal thoughts. For example you can not expect someone to always be their to do everything for you and lead you through life’s task. Basically you should take away from this that its good to have independents

I  can relate to Matt in this story because just as for him everyday in my life is a opportunity to learn something  new with in my self. So I can someday have a vision of what a great life is for. The feeling I felt that a character in the story also felt was the down feeling of being accused of something and having no one believe me when I say I didn’t do it. This was the same feeling that Matt has when everyone is accusing him of killing Furball.

My personal opinion of this book is that it is a must read for anyone. This story had me on my toes from the minute I picked it up. The special thing about this book is that I have not came across to anything with a similar plot or way to present the conflict. The strength of this book is that it’s a original plot and  the suspense level it puts on the reader is unbelievable. I don’t find significant weakness in this text.


I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a different kind of story to read and loves a suspenseful book fraught with mystery this is the book for the job. I loved this book and wish everyone could obtain the same care for it as I did.