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IF you found a way to get on a block websites would you share it?
1.​I would keep it to myself so  I could do it again if necessary because if a lot of people begins to use the same trick it becomes easy  to get catch up with. For example  if you find a way to use block websites in school you mite not get catch but you tell your whole class the trick your teacher or the school distinct sever will detect it faster.

What is a “hero”? How would you define it?
2.I define a  hero as someone who is not necessary supernatural but is able  to make a difference in someone’s overall life.  For example someone that could be a hero is a great teacher that lesson shaped you on to the path to success. Or your hero’s can be your parents that guided you through your life through thick and thin.

3.If you really knew me......

You would know that i just a regular kid looking to have fun everyday.If you really knew me you would know that i hate work but know the importance of it so i just get it done. If you really knew me you would know that sometimes i feel like im people expect to high of me. 

4.What makes someone an “adult”?

What makes someone is someone that is 18 and has independent from their parents. For example if you are 18 but you still love under your parents home and they pay for everything your more of a big kid then a adult to my standards.