Español Tres- Proyecto de Conversación

For my fourth quarter, I have been given an assignment where I have to look use social media to communicate with a native Spanish speaker, in order to improve my own fluency in Spanish. For this, I will be using Livemocha, with the possibility of using Twitter as well to reach out to native speakers. Livemocha is quite an interesting outlet for learning Spanish. Using the website, I will be able to find a native Spanish speaker that wants to live English, making it a mutually beneficial relation. The three goals I have constructed for myself are below-

-How to know when to use accents when writing the language.
-Shortcuts to knowing how to use past and future tense and the differences between them.
-Terminology for architectural terms. Architectural ideas.

As well as having three goals from this project, I also have an essential question, which I am hopeful to find an answer to at the end of this project – By using social media, how can I, as a student benefit from using these social tools to communicate with native speakers understand the language?