Esperanza Gonzalez Capstone

For my senior capstone I decided to do something that was relevant to who I am and what I love to do. I noticed that many of the cultural and traditional values in the Latino community tend to fade away in U.S. because they're not in their country of origin. My overall goal was to restate the importance of Latino values and why it’s so important to pay tribute to them.With this project I touched on the following topics; family, social justice, stereotypical views, the role Latinos play in the U.S, and Religion. These topics play a role in my personal life and also in the lives of many others, which I why I chose to do them. I wanted to bring attention to these topics to give the audience a sense of what many families with Latino/Hispanic descent have in their lives. My inspiration for this gallery was the artistic style of Frida Kahlo. Most of the work is inspired by her life and the way she lived it. This is specifically focused on the traditional ways of Latin American art. I learned more things about my culture and discovered new ways to view the world. This capstone process was a very long but has finally has come to an end. This project definitely reflects who I am as person, and defines my interests and the way that this country has changed me.

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