Ethan Reese: Process Paper

The process of designing my part of the project was actually one of the more successful parts of my duty to the group, I felt that my shirt design was simplistic and a great way to get the important information out and than if people wanted to know more they could as me about it. I also played one of the biggest roles in the design of how we would present ad pull all of our parts together, I feel that also the design and flow of this presentation was also a above average. Even those these parts were very successful in my opinion the design of both had some problems, a couple of the slides on the presentation were boring and bland for the first and second draft but on the third draft I had finally gotten it just right. The design of the shirt was also flawed because it was mainly designed in a box which made it hard to transfer to a t-shirt. 

The production of my product wasn't difficult but rather tedious, I had ordered the customized t-shirt that hadn't come in the mail which was a real disappointment because I was excited to see peoples thoughts on it. 

Finally the implementation of my product into the overall project was simple considering it was just showing the designs on the shirt in a slide show presentation, but a challenge of presenting to like this I think was the loss of a wow factor throughout the presentation.