Ethan Reese Food Project

Reese family chicken noodle soup recipe - 

1 whole onion sliced 

3 stalks of celery chopped

3/4 cups of carrots chopped

1 pound of Boneless skinless trimmed Chicken Thigh sliced

10 cups of water poured

2 large russet potatoes halved

2 Table Spoons of parsley poured

1/2 bag of Pennsylvania Dutch yolk free home style ribbon noodles poured

1/2 tea spoon of salt poured

1 teaspoon of pepper. poured

1 table spoon of oil

2 tons of love 

1 ton of caring

3 cups of Secret Reese Family Ingredients

Directions: Lightly brown chicken thighs in vegetable oil... Add two stalks of celery and one onion quartered. Cover with water. Let simmer for one hour. Remove from heat. Place a strainer into a large pot and place cheesecloth in the bottom of the strainer. Pour contents of pot into the stainer. Remove chicken. Break chicken into small pieces- remove as much fat as possible. In a clean pot, add a small amount of oil ( just enough to coat the bottom of the pot) add 3 stalks of chopped celery, one chopped onion, and carrots.  Place a fresh piece of cheesecloth into a strainer and strain the broth again back into the pot to cover the simmering vegetables. Add the chicken, potatoes, additional water. When boiling- add noodles and parsley and cook for 7 min. Salt and pepper to taste, and add love and care along the way. 

All of the ingredients aside from the chicken, oil, salt, pepper, and noodles are all natural straight from the farm to the store about  45% of the ingredients are processed. One serving is about 240 calories containing about .23 grams of sugar, 1.3 grams of total fat. The body is actually nourished greatly by authentic pennsylvania dutch soup, my mom says that traditionally the dutch grow all of the ingredients and that it is used to cure several ailments of the body and soul. The body is not labored by the digestion process due to the low sugar and fat content of the soup, if you cut out salt and pepper it makes the dish healthier but I season to taste. All of the ingredients are either extremely low in sodium and fat or all natural and our bodies are meant to digest it, living in an urban environment it is hard to acquire fresh ingredients for some parts of the recipe. The meal is actually a poor mans meal meaning it can be eaten everyday and sustain the person without causing bodily harm of course if all the ingredients are kept natural as they are supposed to. I wouldn't even know where to start guessing where the ingredients were grown, probably rural states like Ohio and Idaho. I think the salt traveled the furthest, there are no foreign ingredients so probably less than 2,000 miles. The vegetables were not organically grown although traditionally they should be all naturally grown. The price of the soup was under 10$ to make including the cost of using the stove. Of course corporations can do this on a larger scale and for less money but my families soup tastes far superior because there is one ingredient that is special to mine, love. 

My role in the larger food system is to balance the ecosystem by making sure to eat the things that reside lower in the food chain. As a human I am at the top of the food chain and my responsibility is to hunt and eat.  The biggest problems with our food system is that we over consume proteins and starches which leads to a unhealthy and unbalanced diet that causes diseases of the body due to dietary unhealthiness. We need to switch to eating more natural and energy efficient food such as vegetables and fruits.  I could cut sodas, sugars, caffeine, fast food, and other heavily processed and unhealthy food.  The impact of these changes would probably make my heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys healthier. I am not willing to make these changes.