( Student at Texas university majoring in economics uncertain about the tar sands making a third blog video about the tar sands )

Hi, this is my third video blog this month regarding the tar sands XL pipeline, I have been unemployed for almost two years now. (pause) My whole life my family has struggled with money, (rub eye) and I always wanted to go to my dream college Texas U. With no money and no where to get it I had to work twice as hard as other kids in school did, but now I’m sitting here in my dorm at Texas U doing this blog. When the professor gave my class this project he suggested I should look into the tar sands XL pipeline and tell him my thoughts on it. From what I understand the pipeline will be carrying 56,960,000 dollars worth of oil a day and the profit will be made on day 123 which is relatively fast compared to the 7 billion dollars that are being put into the project. My father a highly renown high-school engineering teacher and grandfather one of the heads of the project got the company to give me a job offer. I have been unemployed for two years and on a resume this job would look amazing the job would keep me employed for at least four years. But I grew up in a house with some of the greatest minds in the world and they taught me everything has a price and i think this pipeline is going to have a steeper price than 7 billion dollars. I think that the release of these tar sands will cause a domino effect ultimately coming back to bite us in the butt, once the climate becomes unable to ignore than the real price of the pipeline will become obvious. I studied economics to become a CFO of a company like Trans Canada, if their was ever a opportunity to make that dream come true it is this. The thing I guess I’m most afraid of is being used as a scape goat in case this project just doesn’t turn the overall profit. I feel like i  should say no to the job this oil is dirtier than  normal oil it’s twice  as harmful I know what the repercussions of releasing it is, but this job is well paying low hours and a way  to get my foot in the door with larger companies. I’m against this  100 percent but i cant let my family down i cant let my professor down...(sigh and turn from camera ) i cant  let myself down. I cant pass this up ( Pause as you  hear sound of a watch ) Until next time  this is Robert Walsh signing off from  Texas U ( Give two finger salute sign off ).


Oil...  the blood of America, the blood of money. To answer your  question directly you must understand oil’s place in global economics... oil is the greatest money maker the modern world may ever encounter. It is traded,sold,bought by the tons it is a trillion dollar industry that i being a former CEO of BP know the ins and outs of. Let me take you into the mind of the CEO of trans Canada, right now he is sitting on the largest source of oil known to current  date, with Canadas low reliance on oil they will turn the largest profit  this industry has ever seen by selling it to  countries with a high dependence on oil like the U.S, this is their plan. Moving through this pipeline everyday will be 800,000 barrels of oil a day to put that into a number that you will understand 56,960,000 dollars worth of oil a day flowing from Canada to Texas.This will only take 123 days to turn a profit on the 7 billion dollar investment, which is relatively fast given the  size of this project. Though i will play devils advocate the pipeline like any has the chance of a costly leak and a big spill or leak can cost big money, the  total loss of money during the BP oil spill was  12.5  billion dollars  in cleanup, repair, and the spilled  oil. So although the profit is coming  quick it could all be lost by  a major spill or leak, this isn’t a rare thing either on average a  pipeline leaks  12 times  a year. I see this as the push that might get us out of debt but might put us in debt  even further. I’ m all for the pipeline America was formed on a  gamble and that’s how we have to save it, i say take the risk its your  only  realistic option right now. So Obama i’m going to say this once and hope you listen approve the pipeline...